How to Get More Bands in Speaking

How to Get More Bands in Speaking?

Speaking involves face to face communication and majority of people finds it difficult. But, in reality it is the most scoring section to increase your overall band score. Test takers find it difficult owing to the shortage of time to plan their answers.

Here are the following tips that will help you to perform good in speaking module.

Don’t Be Nervous

Always smile and be confident whatever you speak. Your ideas or knowledge about any topic will not be judged .This module is just to check your language proficiency. It is always said that “smile can solve all the problems”.

Always use emotions in your voice .For instance–happy, sad and so on. This is used to stress the words which is also called intonation.

Be Coherent

Use the conjunctions and connectors which would show your knowledge of language.The words however,nevertheless,because,but etcetera will help to connect the sentences.

Use High Vocabulary

Avoid the most common words and replace it with other ones .For instance – people can be replaced by personages or masses.

Vocabulary can be increased with the help of reading newspaper, novels, articles or interviews in the magazines.

Practice Speaking English

To attain high level of English you have to practice more and more. Ergo, find a native speaker to improve fluency and other speaking skills. Not only, practice in daily communication but also practice sample questions. Consequently, you will get idea what and how the examiner will ask questions.

Don’t Be Shy

Most of the candidates feel shy about asking questions. You can ask for repeating the questions , if you just missed.

Don’t panic, if you made as mistake .Correct it or otherwise speak continuously.

Extend Your Answers

Elaborate your answers with two or more sentences.

This is the key to extend your answers by asking above questions to yourself and give answers to examiner.

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