How to make a Reading Habit

How to Make a Reading Habit, The Art of Loving Books!

88% of the financially successful people read 30 minutes per day. Bill Gates reads 50 books a year. Young Elon Musk used to read 10 hours a day. Warren Buffett reads around 500 pages daily. To become successful in life, you must learn how to make a reading habit.

Reading is the habit of almost every successful person you see today. And if you’re planning to cultivate the habit of reading it’s the best decision you made. Through this article, you will learn how to make a reading habit that will help you not only grow in life but also become an essential part of your lifestyle.

Enhance Your Reading, Overcome Come Challenges By:

Reading can be challenging if you are still struggling to learn the language, however, the great news is that your English reading skills can be improved by yourself. Before you learn how to make a reading habit, There are a few tips that can enhance your reading expertise in less time. 

1. Govern your reading level 

Knowing your reading level will help you find resourceful materials and determine your progress on monthly basis. We can use web portals that conduct proficiency tests of English levels; moreover, it is crucial to choose comfortable levels at the beginning leading to challenging levels at the later stage.

2. Choose the Right Kind of Material For Yourself

Choose the Right Kind of Material

For enhancing reading skills one has to read according to his/her taste, millions of reading articles or books are available, but one must decide on the right type of book which interests them. Will you read fiction, non-fiction, adult, or kids? It depends on what fascinates one so that the inclination of reading is developed with time.

3. Find an appropriate time and Stationery to read

We need to pick a suitable time and place, where we can put our heart and soul into reading the book. There is a famous saying ‘Haste makes waste’ therefore it’s worth dedicating a particular for the reading activity. The place should be quiet, soothing, convenient, and positive.

Time should be as per convenience and with a proper mindset. Always keep your options open in regards to time but make sure that the environment is tranquil and adaptable. Keep a notebook and pen or pencil nearby. In this way, new vocabulary can be written, understood, and learned.

4. Learn To Skim The Paragraphs

Skimming refers to having an overview of a reading topic by looking at the major details in the content. For example, a trailer of a movie can tell about what you are going to watch. Therefore, skimming works, in the same way, it will help to understand things more readily.

Learn To Skim The Paragraphs

A few tips for skimming, like reading the title and first paragraph, reading the heading, and a couple of paragraphs may make the process faster.

Another main aspect of skimming is eye movement, where eyes wander from the top of the page to the bottom of the page. The brain absorbs the important details of the content and interprets them accordingly.

During skimming, one can observe the five Ws: who, where, what, when, and why which are seen in paragraphs. All these steps are crucial; however, one is advised not to spend too much time on it.

5. Read Phrases Rather Than Words

The main way of effective reading is to read fast by understanding the whole sentence without repeating it.  Instead of going through one word, read phrases comprising of 4 to 5 words.

At first, it’s not compulsory to understand the sentence or vocabulary, but make a brief note in your mind and notice the vital details. One can note down the vocabulary and look it up later.

6. Set a practical goal

Reading requires an understanding of words at a good pace. Speed is not just about completing a sentence by going through the words, but one needs to comprehend the paragraphs.

However, this goal can also be achieved, if we use a pen or pencil to guide reading. While reading, there is a chance that the eyes will wander away from the particular sentence, but with the help of a pen, the reading will become less interrupted.

How To Make A Reading Habit & A Part of Your Daily Routine?

There are a number of ways to develop the habit of reading If you’ve been reading since a very young age, it means you’re already a habitual reader, however, if not, the below-listed points can help you to know how to make a reading habit:

1. Know What You Have To Read

Make a list of books that you desire to read. You can also research books by asking your peers and others, once you find out what genre suits your interest you should then go forth and start reading.

2. Have A Goal

You can have a goal of reading like 50 pages a day or something like that. You could simply determine how much shall you read daily like a chapter, or the particular number of pages.

3. Have A Particular Time

There are a lot of people who make sure to read before they sleep and those bedtime stories might bring them a good sleep. You can look for the perfect time for you to read well, it could be the morning, evening, or night.

4. Reduce Distractions

Try to stay away from things that make you lose your focus. Distractions could be anything on your phone or tv. Try to have a silent area where no noise interferes while you read.

5. Make A Reading Corner

You can have a particular place for reading it could be a silent corner of the house, a library, a sofa, or anywhere. The main aim is to have a good silent place to enjoy reading.

6. Know When To Stop

Not all books will interest you. To know if a book interests you or not, you shall first read 50 pages of that particular book, and if those first 50 pages of the book do not interest you. You should pick another book.

To summarize, it’s important to enhance your reading skills in order to achieve perfection in it and further love it. Once you start loving it that’s the best way how to make a reading habit.

Reading not only improves your vocabulary but also provides you with a better command of language. It helps in strengthening brain activity and once you know how to make a reading habit it automatically becomes a stress buster at times when you’re overwhelmed with work.

Hence, reading is dreaming with open eyes!

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