Improve your pronunciation

How To Improve Your Pronunciation

To completely adopt a language, one must be well versed with not just its structure but with its phonetics as well. You’re familiar with the words, the grammar, the written discourse, yet if the only reason you hesitate to speak in that language is due to the fear of incorrect pronunciation; then this blog is for you.

Hear how the word is pronounced

Hear how the word is pronounced

One way to do so is through internet and media. Play the audio of the word to get familiar with its’ sound.

Hear it from a native speaker

Hear it from a native speaker

The pronunciation of the word varies according to different regions and dialects and hence, one must hear it from a native speaker so that you are able to communicate that word efficiently to any other native speaker of that language.

Break down the word

Break down the word

Any lengthy word must be broken down into its syllables so that you can practice effective pronunciation on your own.

Practice it out loud

Practice it out loud

Lastly, you must practice out loud so that you can become sure and confident of its pronunciation and not hesitate in using the same in front of an audience.

Through this entire process of learning, one should get rid of the fear of judgment. You must understand that learning is an ongoing process, and nowhere near ‘perfection.’ Yet, you can work hard to reach your level best by ample of practice. All the best!

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