Best PTE Coaching in Chandigarh

Welkin Edusolutions offers a comprehensive PTE Coaching in Chandigarh Sec 30 and Online PTE Coaching.

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PTE is a computerized exam that is acceptable in Australia and New Zealand for study and immigration purpose.

PTE Exam has 4 modules:

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening

These which are conducted on a single day. Also, Results are declared within 5 business days and is valid up to 2 years.

Welkin Edusolutions gives you wings to fly Abroad with our rigorous training sessions and regular fruitful feedbacks which will definitely assist you in fulfilling your dreams.

Why Welkin is the Best PTE Coaching Centre in Chandigarh?

  • We have latest software and study material for practice.
  • Focus on quality is our motto so we accommodate only 5 students at a time in the computer lab.
  • We are fully equipped with all the latest infra requirements.
  • We chalk out the overall schedule of the student and start his training accordingly
  • Moreover, we have no time constrains as we offer flexible timing to candidates.
  • We conduct mock test series for students and monitor their performance weekly
  • We also have special seminar classes for the students where the trainers give the brief description of all the modules with tips and tricks.

Welkin Edusolutions the best PTE Coaching Centre in Chandigarh offers you different slots, like if you are working and you just have 2 hours with you, not to worry as we are here to give you the best PTE coaching within the time frame you have.

Welkin not only helps you in 4 modules but also gives you grammar classes that can help you to score better and enhance your enabling skills in PTE.  The mock test that we take on Saturdays gives student a feel of the final examination as it is conducted under proper invigilation. 

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Other Facilities We Offer at PTE Coaching in Welkin Institute

– Offline Support

We also provide offline material on daily basis to the students as this helps them to focus on every task . We also have special doubt clearing sessions every week where teachers interact with students and try to solve their issues.

– Vocabulary Support

We here have special vocabulary sessions where new vocabulary words are discussed and dictions are given to candidates to improve their language hold.

– Special Pronunciation Improvement Classes

Welkin also provide special care classes to students who have native accent and have pronunciation issues.

– Online Writing Support

Our guidance and support is not just limited to classroom as we also provide online help to students where ever possible.

– Special Activity Sessions

are conducted every week to improve language hold . Such activities build the overall confidence of the candidate and make him smart and independent.

– We also give special focused classes

to students who lack in any specific module. Moreover, Welkin also provides daily strategies for every module and such sessions are conducted by qualified and experienced trainers.

– Enabling Skills Enhancement Classes

Welkin bestows student with special enabling skills improvement classes

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